Architecture and transportation
TPV, which does not contain any heavy metals or halogens, is the latest example of anhui renda polymer materials co., LTD. 's commitment to provide environmental protection product solutions to the market. It also proves that anhui renda, as a professional thermoplastic elastomer company, is capable of developing practical products that meet the requirements of local and regional regulations.
01 Excellent ozone and uv resistance
02 Low compression deformation, good elasticity
03 The content of EPDM rubber is 50%-70% and -60℃ keeps the elastic property of rubber
04 It contains almost no inorganic filler and has a longer service life than traditional vulcanized rubber
05 Excellent coloring ability, to meet your needs for a variety of products color
06 Smaller profile machining tolerances to achieve continuous sealing performance
07 Environmental protection material in line with ROHS directive, free of halogen and heavy metal, can be recycled repeatedly
Application field— Architecture and transportation