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Anhui RenDa full dynamic vulcanized rubber TPV (EPDM/PP) elastomer, low smoke halogen free environmental protection materials in the field of electronic products, auto parts, wires and other plastic products, with its first-class quality and perfect service by customers at home and abroad.
TOPPRENE® thermoplastic rubber TPV900 series  
Processing precautions:
01 Clean the material with PP or PE before processing, and dry the raw material at 90c-100 ℃ for 1.5 to 2 hours 02 Dye with PP or PE grade masterbatch and add 2-3% 03 The processing temperature is between 165 ℃ and 200℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 200℃ 04 The length-diameter ratio of the extrusion equipment should not be less than 25 05 Type injection machine must carefully adjust the temperature, pressure, injection speed and other processing parameters
TOPPRENE® thermoplastic rubber TPV910 series  
TOPPRENE ® thermoplastic rubber TPE910 series is a TPE product with SEBS as the main base material. According to different requirements of customers, the products are divided into general and special products. The 910 series provides excellent mechanical properties and anti-ozone, anti-uv and heat-resistant air aging properties.
TOPPRENE® thermoplastic rubber FR910 series  
TOPPRENE®Thermoplastic rubber FR910 series (ul94-v0) low smoke halogen-free flame retardant series including 80A, 92A and 38D color and black grade, the basic polymer EPDM/SEBS/ softening oil /PP/PE, the structure of the groups without double bonds FR910 series provides excellent ozone resistance, anti UV, heat resistant air aging properties