Thermoplastic Elastomer

TPE:thermoplastic elastomer is also called TPR:thermoplastic rubber. Because it can be processed like plastic at high temperature, and at room temperature, it shows the unique high elasticity of rubber. Compared with rubber, it does not need time-consuming and energy-consuming vulcanization process, and the processing cost is significantly reduced. It is generally believed that the thermoplastic elastomer is a phase separation system. At room temperature, one of the phases is a hard polymer (hard segment). With the characteristics of easy processing, light specific gravity, recyclable and environmental protection and halogen free, it can be processed in the traditional thermoplastic forming machinery, no special equipment and skills are required; The other phase is rubber phase (soft segment). Make it a substitute of traditional rubber and PVC.

Characteristics of Thermoplastic Elastomers
Green new material
Green and recyclable
Green, safe and tasteless,
Can be recycled for secondary processing
Many processing technologies
Both rubber and plastic,
Can be injection,blow molding,extrusion molding
Appearance variety
There's color, black, transparency, high transparency,
Easy coloring, color stable, according to demand deployment
Wide range of applications
Widely used in auto parts, electronic appliances,
Construction and transportation, consumer goods and others
High tensile resilience
Soft material, feel comfortable and delicate, elastic,
easy to shape
Wear resistance and corrosion resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance, suitable for the production of various materials, casters and other industrial supplies
Good resistance to bending
It can maintain strong bending resistance under different circumstances
High transparency
Fog, bright effect, crystal clear fog,
It can be bonded with PP, ABS, PC and other hard plastics
Application Area
Auto parts / Electrical and electronic / Consumer goods / Architecture and ransportation
Auto parts
Electrical and electronic
Consumer goods
Architecture and transportation
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